The Place of Data and details and Interplay Applied sciences (ICTs) in Combating Prison offense in Sierra Leone


I.C.Ts is extremely very important within the earth usually and establishing worldwide areas to make certain. I.C.Ts have developed main influence in a number of areas on the subject of nationwide growth. After we purchase a seem on the monetary system of the area, training, faith, Social Science and Know-how we will see that I.C.Ts have contributed a complete lot in enhancing these spots. You would possibly are more likely to shock how however as you learn alongside you’ll absolutely grasp and see the significance of I.C.Ts in creating nations all over the world (Johnson, 2008).

I.C.Ts confer with techniques that current get hold of to data by telecommunications. It’s equal to data engineering (I.T), however focuses largely on communication applied sciences. This entails the web, wi-fi networks, cellular telephones, and different dialog mediums (Marke, 2003).

I.C.Ts are fearful primarily with details administration that’s, acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical knowledge by a microelectronics based communication of computer and telecommunication as its key fields (Julliet, 2001).

The Job of ICTs in Organisations

If any company just like the Authorized Investigation Part (CID) in Sierra Leone is to develop and create then there should be efficient and environment friendly dialog within the organisation. Information regardless of whether it is pictorial, textual, composed or vocal selection by way of which an data is dialog from main to backside or the reviser for the highly effective working of the company the usage of I. C. T. is de facto crucial because of the truth it tends to make it actually uncomplicated via the usage of cellular cellphone, laptop techniques and different merchandise that we use to speak data is owing to the straightforward indisputable fact that we now have what we merely name I. C. Ts. (Johnson 2008).

• Through I. C.Ts. know-how client can have uncomplicated entry to data by the use of an e-mail by by this it protect the time of the personnel simply by way of by touring to his/her e-mail cope with he/she is going to know in regards to the newest progress in Prison Investigation Part, with out having more likely to his/her or boss for information

• I. C. Ts. have carried out actually essential job in social media actions and the usage of world-wide-web across the many years and it’s proceed to producing good impact in our tradition these days. With out I.C.Ts

• I.C.Ts. have manufactured it attainable for an individual in 1 state to purchase objects from one other state, electronically from a 2nd and spend for it electronically in a third.
I. C.Ts. Have improved the globe industrial revolution types from the mine tenth century and this modification is lasting, because of the truth it leads to new monetary issues to do, new relations of manufacturing, new political forces, new profession, and new outlook of lifetime
• I.C.Ts. have performs terrific function within the wellbeing sector of Felony Investigation

Part by bettering on healthcare recognition transport and public consciousness on crucial well being concern. By means of I. C. Ts. one can will likely be geared up to have get hold of to medical data and expert consultants can decrease struggling and saves life (Peter, 2005).

Historic background of the (C. I.D) in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Police Stress is the brainchild of the British authorities. Its inception dates as considerably again as to 1808 when Freetown was declared a British Crown Colony. Within the absence of a official organized physique to maintain the peace, some retired British Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates ended up appointed by Magistrates to return to Sierra Leone to handle regulation and purchase. Regarding 1863-1888 the then Police Stress had metamorphosed with a purpose to cope with the hideous incidents, which ended up rearing their heads specifically by the 1881 Koya and 1888 Sherbro disturbances. These disturbances led to the expansion of regulation enforcement collectively the frontier. In 1889, due to this fact, the regulation enforcement was divided- army and frontier obligations ended up taken over by the Frontier Legislation enforcement white Civilian tasks had been left with the Frontier Legislation enforcement subsequently turned acknowledged because the Courtroom Messenger Drive, and had been made accountable for the colony.

On the twenty seventh October 1894, within the Royal Gazette of that day, the civil police within the colony had been offered the designation “The Sierra Leone Legislation enforcement Drive” – (S. L.P.F) which has remained unchanged to this working day. Captain V.F. Laphan was seconded from the Navy to manage the police drive, with the rank of superintendent and Mr. Brooks, a metropolitan regulation enforcement officer, was appointed inspector of police. In 1909 superintendent Brooks was appointed the first commissioner of regulation enforcement.

No actual main strides took put within the drive, until, Mr. C. H. Ward, (O.B.E.) Superintendent of Legislation enforcement from Nigerian, took round command of the stress as Commissioner of Legislation enforcement kind Captain P. T. Brodie, in 1943. The ability of the ability was 300, together with two (2) expatriates, the Commissioner and the Assistant Commissioner and Africans crammed the comfort the opposite ranks. The intense civil disturbances led to the swift introduction of the Riot Squad which was subsequently certified to encompass even additional riots. Mr. Ward elevated the toughness to 600 and this designed a welcome and overdue increase in promoting chances. For the preliminary time Africans had been promoted to the rank of Assistant superintendent of Legislation enforcement (A. S. P) and a fleet of vehicles comprising automobiles and vehicles, lorries, motor cycle and bicycles was afterwards obtained.

He started the acceptable educating college at Port Loko in 1944, which was afterward transferred to the naval camp at hasting the place by it stands to this working day. He additionally started close by communications in between regulation enforcement departments and finally change this by a police wi-fi dialog program which in the present day embrace the total nation. Mr. Ward was succeeded by J. P. I. Forde who lifted the toughness to 1,000, despatched the to begin with African sub-inspector to arrange a Henden which continued thenceforth. He launched the initially appropriate Drive STANDING ORDERS (F. S. O.) the regulation enforcement FEDERATION and Police COUNICIL. In 1952 Mr. W. G. Syer took in extra of and wasted no time in getting policing to the provinces which resulted in its enlargement. He affiliated the police stress to Worldwide Police Company (INTERPOL) and disbanded the Riot Squad, there by introducing a program by which each single regulation enforcement officer was taught not obligations it doesn’t matter what space of the drive he is perhaps connected to.

Involving 1963-1969 Mr. L. W. Leigh turned the very first Sierra Leonean Commissioner of Police and beneath his administration a police Act was acknowledged in 1964 which was meant to consolidate and amend the laws regarding the Sierra Leone regulation enforcement stress that’s, the safety of life and residential, the prevention and detection of crime and the apprehension of offenders involving 1969-1972, Mr. Jenkins M.E.G Smith turned the 2nd Sierra Leone commissioner of regulation enforcement who led the stress by way of Republic in 1971.

The uniform at the moment consisted of gray shorts and gray jacket with black sneakers and cummerbund. Space 174 of the Sierra Leone Structure of 1978 reworked the common job of the drive by the appointment of the ten Commissioners of Police, Mr. P. C. Kaetu Smith [1973- 1979] as simply one of many seven (7) appointed customers of parliament by the Authorities president, consequently politicizing the place of the police energy.

Amongst 1981- 1984, Honorable C Kaetu Smith was succeeded by Hon. J. A. Grant. In 1986, Hon. P. M. Johnson will get to be the to begin with inspector – Regular of police. On the first of January, 1987, the drive was re- divisionalized into regulation enforcement divisions every particular person division getting represented by letters, starting from “A” to “N” and every division commanded by a chief police officer [C. P. O]. These have been even additional sub-divided into police Districts and put lower than the command of the officer commanding districts [o/c] who might maybe be a Deputy Superintendent of regulation enforcement or Assistant Superintendent of Police (A.S.P.).

In 1987 Hon. James Bambay Kamara succeeded by Mr. P.M. Johnson. In December, 1991, in a bid to redeem the great image of the Sierra Leone Police Drive which had considerably dented by politics, the British Federal authorities despatched Mr. Keith Lewis, a retired British Superintendent of Legislation enforcement to restructure the stress. A sequence of police applications had been being then launched into the curriculum in get to enhance the drive in policing a contemporary democratic society educating applications just like the Junior and Senior Administration Courses Trainers course, jail investigation Division system acknowledged because the Yorkshire System was launched which went a chronic method to restructure the police.

The democratically elected Govt of Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba in 1996 solicited the businesses of the British Authorities to assist further restructure the Sierra Leone Police Drive. The British Authorities responded by sending a gaggle recognized because the Commonwealth Police Enhancement Job Drive. which was headed by the Inspector-Normal of regulation enforcement, Mr. Kieth Biddle.Beneath the dynamic administration of the British born Inspector- Regular of regulation enforcement, the Sierra Leone regulation enforcement drive is step-by-step regained the self-confidence of most people by the remodel administration beneath the brand new restructured system, in order that the drive can grow to be “Energy For Good’ which is its acknowledged for proper now. (Sierra Leone Police Prospectus 2014).

Routines of Authorized Investigation Workplace (CID)

The following are the issues to do untaken by CID of the Sierra Leone Legislation enforcement:


Crimes scene investigators are billed with the duty of formally documenting the prison offense scene. This documentation is often long-lasting and constitutes the official doc of the investigation. It may be forwarded to officers and regulation enforcement companies for extra use and investigation. Documentation consists of {photograph}, diagrams and sketches, and penned notes. At this stage, the crimes scene investigation often make some type of preliminary interpretation of the proof at hand and doc the steps taken by the investigators on the steps taken by the investigators on the scene Profitable documentation permits for an actual re-party, resembling a forensics group.

Authorized Obligations

The investigator must have out a number of approved duties in relation to former get the job performed. Primarily based on their investigation, prison offense scene investigators assist attorneys and different approved officers put together jail proceedings. They ordinarily fulfill to explain their official experiences and the proof, producing optimistic it is acknowledged. Investigators are also termed on to testify in courtroom, wherever they’re the foremost authority on what was recognized on the scene and what conclusions had been drawn.

They need to be geared up to exhibit what the proof implies and why sure conclusions look persuasive based mostly on investigation. Crime scene investigators should even be conversant in Nationwide and state laws and with pertinent circumstance laws to position the proof in viewpoint.

Proof Assortment

When the scene has been secured, surveyed and documented, the prison offense scene investigator potential clients an exertion to gather relevant proof. This process may be gradual and requires a great deal of tolerance, as properly because the means to proficiently join and collaborate with others. An potential to accurately and delicately deploy instruments is paramount right here. Proof, this form of as articles or weblog posts of clothes hair, nail clippings and fiber samples, must be gathered in a majority of these a technique that its integrity is preserved. Labeled and sealed pouches handle the integrity of the proof as very properly because the chain of custody. The investigator is also answerable for retaining the integrity of the crime scene by roping off the area, sustaining witnesses from tampering with proof and creating spots by which proof was collected.

Search for

The preliminary lookup, additionally known as scene recognition, is the to begin with walkthrough that or prison offense scene investigator often takes. Upon the primary examination, the crime scene investigator develops a technique to method the scene and apprehend proof. This could embrace variables these as what directing to go in, prioritizing proof which will probably vanish or be harmed and analyzing what units and property are required to effectively get stock of the circumstance. The prison offense scene investigator can assemble and lead the crew to look into the scene and acquire proof. Homicide scenes, as an illustration, might probably require investigators to acquire blood and tissue samples, fingerprint, shoe casings. A theft might properly require fingerprints, from components of entry and different surfaces the burglar might maybe have touched.

Examples of ICTs utilized by the C I D

In modern-day durations, policing has been completed with the usage of technological merchandise to allow them carryout their pursuits with the simplicity and for efficient and profitable help provide. ICTs. confer with applied sciences that present entry to particulars, because of telecommunication which is analogous to info and details know-how (I T), however beneath emphasis is principally on interplay techniques. This options the web, wi-fi networks, cell telephones and different interplay media The next details dialog techniques are utilized by the CID of the Sierra Leone regulation enforcement

• Shut-Circuit tv (CCTV): to maintain observe of actions/ happenings of their areas of tasks and to be employed as pictorial/ seen proof in court docket docket and for paperwork functions.

• Digital Cameras: these are used to only take snap images of empower useful and productive investigations with precise proof to be tendered in courtroom as proof.

• Motorists: these are utilized to preserve/keep useful particulars about an investigation resembling growth experiences, summary evaluations, abstract of proof, and proceedings/rulings a couple of make a distinction.

• Image Copiers: they’re principally utilized to duplicate experiences and different paperwork to be distributed to varied authorities involved for his or her personalised directives and important motion.

• Scanners: these are most prevalent now because of terrorist threats and can be utilized for human beings, automobiles and for bags’s in buy to detect / avert crime and the dread of crime and to revive self-assurance within the populace. It may be employed to detect any offensive objects/ weapons and to guard towards any mishap.

• Pc techniques: are actually usually utilized to look at authorized across the globe. With the help of laptop techniques, the Interpol can hold observe of criminals from every continent and the a wide range of police headquarters can liaise with each single different to get the specified consequence. Additionally, may computing has been so an awesome deal influential investigations with a purpose to find the by which about of criminals and to trace their acts/steps and accomplices.

Points affiliated with the usage of ICTs and details supply of the CID within the Sierra Leone Legislation enforcement.

• Electrical energy Points: Lack of dependable and really reasonably priced electrical vitality is the largest drawback in planning a computing infrastructure for jail knowledge (or another software program that make any distinction). The in depth the higher a part of authorized investigation facilities within the authorized investigation workplace don’t have any most vital electrical energy and, by which obtainable, these sorts of electrical energy is often actually unreliable or so unstable that it poses a menace to unprotected digital units.

• Environmental Challenges: The bodily environment in Sierra Leone and in most different areas within the place is characterised by some combine of warmth, mud and humidity, every of which is a hassle for normal pcs. Superior tempo Central Processing Fashions make large portions of heat that, if not adequately dissipated, decreases efficiency or can render these items in operable. Mud threatens delicate electronics by shorting circuits and impeding airflow and heat dissipation. Humidity potential clients to condensation corrosion and even mould, all of which may trigger electrical troubles and probably shorten gear lifespan.

• Connectivity Challenges: Lack of economical connectivity and bandwidth in the important thing impediment to a number of of essentially the most promising jail investigation purposes within the CID, like instruction initiatives and different genuine- time help Deficiency of connectivity additionally complicates much more customary initiatives to assemble and analyse felony info.


It’s considerably crystal clear that knowledge is the on a regular basis dwelling blood of the CID course of. Exact, well timed and accessible crime info strengthens actually each single element of this system, from protection producing, to logistic and training. In distinction, inefficient crime info and details applications endure from an particulars anemia that weakens the method.

Sadly, all method too quite a few prison offense techniques within the buying complete world even now undergo from the equal info and details shock, a course of threaten scenario characterised by the incapacity to supply entry or act on even essentially the most important prison offense data. Good outcomes or failure of ICTs deployment in Prison Investigation Division depends upon accessibility to cost-effective, built-in options which might be each of these sustainable in low useful resource surroundings and adaptable to group ailment invented is actively creating and deploying this type of method particularly to deal with this need. It’s due to this fact fairly important to take word that ICTs interact in a major and very important function in maximizing the productive provision, administration and supply of details in combating crimes.

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