Delicate Our bodies And Darkish Make a distinction

Lengthy proper earlier than physicists discovered to invisible ‘darkish matter and power’, metaphysicists had been experimenting and observing them making use of the sensory packages of their better power our bodies. They usually known as it ‘delicate make any distinction and power’ but it surely glided by various names in distinctive areas the preferred being ‘qi’, ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’. ‘Qi’ is a typical phrase for ‘power’ in Mandarin ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’ are phrases which have similar meanings in Hindu metaphysics. This invisible power has not solely been noticed by these individuals within the East, it has additionally been researched within the West. Within the West the phrase ‘L’ electrical energy is usually utilised. This ‘L’ electrical energy or ‘life power’ has the precise basic which means as qi and prana. Science has been not in a position to measure qi, prana, kundalini or L-power particularly – simply because it finds it onerous to judge darkish subject or electrical energy instantly.

Is darkish make a distinction the similar as refined make a distinction?

Clearly equally dim topic and delicate matter are invisible to most of us who use the sensory packages of our precise physical-biomolecular physique almost solely all through this life time. Nonetheless, affect by your self that they’re the precise by evaluating a pattern of properties of dim make any distinction with refined subject, beneath. (The checklist will not be exhaustive. Additional and extra correlations are cropping-up as we analysis the difficulty in larger element.)

1.There’s Mutual Affinity involving Darkish/Refined and On a regular basis Make a distinction

In keeping with science reporter Robert Britt, scientific exams exhibit that on large cosmic scales darkish subject and regular make any distinction in galaxies hint out the identical kinds and buildings. “They grow to be sculpted into almost comparable sheets and filaments, with broad expanses of in shut proximity to-nothingness in regarding.” In accordance to metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater there may be an affinity amongst “astral” matter (a form of refined matter) and bodily make any distinction He means that astral subject is interested in precise bodily make any distinction and moulds into its kind because the precise physical-biomolecular whole physique grows. Astral topic follows its each single change, 99% of which is compressed within the periphery of the bodily-biomolecular total physique. Conversely, there are additionally observations which validate that frequent make any distinction falls below darkish matter’s affect. There’s, in actuality, a mutual affinity in between darkish/delicate matter and common make any distinction.

2.Darkish/Refined Matter delivers the Invisible Scaffolding, Mould or Template for Widespread Topic

Physicist Chung Pei-Ma, an affiliate professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley, concludes that “the ghost universe of dim subject is a template for the seen universe”. In keeping with Richard Massey, a darkish make a distinction researcher on the California Institute of Know-how, darkish make any distinction condensed preliminary. The gravity of dim subject then pulled atypical topic into it. “The usual subject flows gravitationally into this type of dim make any distinction scaffolding,” Massey states “and is produced in that into the galaxy and the celebrities we see at present.” In keeping with researchers, dim subject and its gravity shaped shiny matter in a vogue equal to how the feel of the ground shapes puddles of rainwater. This basically suggests darkish matter features as a mould for on a regular basis subject to build up and be formed. Dim make any distinction has been regarded by researchers as some factor that gives composition to common topic. This signifies it permits atypical matter to maintain its variety.

Barbara Brennan, earlier NASA engineer and now earth-renowned energy healer, claims that the “human vitality self-discipline” has an organizing affect on make a distinction and builds types any changes within the substance earth are preceded by a change on this topic. Metaphysicists, corresponding to Brennan, have been insisting for a number of years that these invisible fields selection the templates for the event of the biomolecular total physique. Metaphysicist Leonard Ravitz means that the invisible electrical fields function an digital matrix to maintain the corporeal variety in kind. In different phrases and phrases they current the framework to our physical-biomolecular physique to maintain its selection.

Brennan observes by the use of her “larger sense notion” that an “power self-discipline matrix” within the situation of a leaf is projected by a plant previous to the expansion of a leaf, after which the leaf grows into that presently current selection. In different phrases and phrases, the power self-discipline acts as a mould for the expansion of the seen leaf. In Raymond Burr’s experiments with plant seedlings, he discovered electrical fields which resembled the eventual grownup plant. He additionally found that salamanders possessed an energy topic shaped like an grownup salamander, and that this blueprint even existed in an unfertilized egg. Youthful salamanders ended up surrounded by {an electrical} trade of the precise dimensions as an grownup salamander. He additionally noticed {that electrical} fields bordering sprouts didn’t correspond to the number of the seeds however to the type of the developed plant. In keeping with Leadbeater, the (invisible) “etheric double” is admittedly constructed in progress of the human fetus. “Clairvoyants every now and then see this doll-like small determine hovering about, and afterwards contained in the system of the mom”, he suggests.

3.Darkish/Delicate Make a distinction generates Superficial Varieties

Physicists Chung-Pei Ma and Edmund Bertschinger of the Massachusetts Institute of Engineering (MIT) say, depending on pc system kinds of how darkish make any distinction would shift beneath the strain of gravity, that darkish topic have to kind smaller clumps that look superficially just like the galaxies and globular clusters we see in our luminous (ordinarily seen) universe.

Metaphysicists, these sorts of as Leadbeater, say that the etheric and astral our bodies look superficially just like the biomolecular human physique however they work differently, getting depending on electromagnetic considerably than primarily biochemical processes as within the biomolecular human physique.

4. Darkish/Refined Make a distinction Astronomical Objects Outnumber Common Objects

Ma and Bertschinger of MIT say that pc system simulations of the evolution of darkish matter predict far further clumps of dim make any distinction than ordinarily apparent luminous matter in a specified location. In accordance to Ma, “Our galaxy, the Milky Means, has a few dozen satellites, however in simulations we see hundreds of satellites of darkish make any distinction.”

Mystic Paramahansa Yogananda defined in 1946 that “simply as a number of bodily suns and stars roam in room, so there are additionally loads of astral suns and moons.” In 1957 metaphysicist Norman Pearson identified that to date (in Science) we’ve got solely thought to be precise bodily planets however there are additionally planets composed of ‘super-physical’ make a distinction. In level, he suggests, “The super-bodily planets kind the larger side of the planetary inhabitants of the Photograph voltaic Method.”

5.Darkish/Delicate Matter Particles Can Move because of You

Look at the outline of dim matter particles, known as WIMPs, by a physicist with the globules of L-energy, described by metaphysicist Paul Pearsall:

“If there are as lots of WIMPs [i.e. dark matter particles] as could be important to explain the motions of galaxies, large portions are whizzing through the room you’re sitting down in, and thru your private whole physique, with out you noticing” – John Gribbin, Physicist.

“It [i.e. globules of subtle L-energy] passes unchanged because of any recognized substance and nothing in any respect shields or deflects it” – Paul Pearsall, Metaphysicist

“We do not know what the remaining 90% of matter is, however this ‘darkish matter’ differs from atypical matter in remaining succesful to maneuver appropriate by the use of each equally on a regular basis topic and different dim topic, identical to ghosts are supposed to maneuver because of stone partitions.” – Theoretical Astrophysics Group, College of Oxford

Ron Cowen claims, “Proof signifies that when dashing fragments of darkish subject meet, they by no means collide as different topic do however go appropriate by means of each different, ghostlike.” Observations by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory advocate that if darkish make any distinction particles do collide, they accomplish that considerably weakly. In different phrases, they won’t be appreciably impacted on collision.

Leadbeater noticed (almost a century again) that delicate astral our bodies can and do recurrently interpenetrate one explicit yet one more completely, devoid of within the the very least injuring one explicit one other. “Women and men on the astral airplane,” based on him, “can and do cross by a single yet one more recurrently, and because of preset astral objects.” When passing by an extra refined astral human physique for a quick time, the 2 astral our bodies are usually not appreciably influenced. Nonetheless, if the interpenetration lasts for a while, Leadbeater means that they do have an effect on only one yet one more “as considerably because the premiums of vibration [i.e. frequencies] are concerned.”

This isn’t stunning, as (in accordance to plasma metaphysics) refined our bodies are electromagnetic our bodies. Consequently, when two delicate our bodies go by the use of each single different slowly there could be electromagnetic results – this sort of as variations in frequencies and distribution of costs greater than the refined total physique. David Spergel of Princeton College, commenting on the outcomes by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, is of the view that “the findings don’t rule out interactions, apart from gravitational penalties, amid dim topic particles.” Subsequently our bodies composed of dim make a distinction particles can work together with one explicit one other electromagnetically. The capability of delicate our bodies to cross by the use of different delicate our bodies and objects betrays the reality that they’re composed of very low-density darkish subject.

6.Darkish/Delicate Make any distinction is of Very low Density

In accordance to consultants, the atypical darkish make any distinction density within the Photo voltaic Course of is a good deal decreased (a trillion trillion moments decreased) than that of rocks, h2o and different substances usually recognized on Earth.

Out-of-system researcher, Robert Monroe, observes that the ‘Second Physique’ can penetrate partitions and concludes that, “One thing that may interpenetrate a wall must have fairly minor density.” Metaphysicist Leadbeater noticed (near 1910) that astral make any distinction is just considerably dependable. Almost a century in the past he defined, “The particles within the densest astral make a distinction are additional aside, relative to their measurement, than even gaseous particles. Consequently, it’s easier for 2 of the densest astral our bodies to maneuver through each apart from it could be for the lightest gasoline to diffuse alone within the air.” In different phrases and phrases, astral our bodies are composed of “collisionless” darkish topic.

7.Darkish/Delicate Make any distinction quickly will increase in Density in direction of the Coronary heart

A examine making use of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey delivers probably the most direct proof nonetheless that galaxies reside on the centre of massive, dim make any distinction concentrations that may be 50 moments bigger sized than the seen galaxy alone! The ‘lambda chilly darkish matter’ design is a well-liked scientific mannequin that predicts that dim make any distinction speedily will increase in density within the route of the centre of a galaxy. Astrophysicists modeling the motion of darkish subject say that each clump had a density that peaked within the centre and fell-off in direction of the sides within the precise precise means, unbiased of its sizing. Observations with the Chandra X-ray Observatory assist the chilly darkish matter mannequin. To examination the mannequin, scientists made use of Chandra’s sharp optics to judge the temperature and depth of the nice and cozy, X-ray-emitting gas in a galaxy cluster some 4 billion gentle-years from Earth. The information acquired by John S Arabadjis and Mark W Bautz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technological know-how, alongside with Gordon P Garmire of Pennsylvania Level out School in Level out Greater training, discovered that the density is bigger the nearer it’s to the centre of the cluster.

Leadbeater claimed in 1910 that the densest aggregation of delicate astral make a distinction is contained in the periphery of the bodily total physique of a gentleman. In the identical means, he talked about, within the state of affairs of the Earth, the upper a part of its astral matter is collected with one another throughout the limitations of its ordinarily seen bodily sphere. The density profile of delicate astral topic is reliable with the density profile of darkish make any distinction noticed by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

8.Dim/Delicate Matter is “Weakly Interacting”

Physicists say darkish subject ‘interacts weakly’ with ordinarily seen matter. They may correctly have mentioned that there are ‘delicate interactions’ in between dim and ordinarily apparent make any distinction. The time period ‘delicate’ utilized by metaphysicists will not be an ideal deal distinctive during which means from ‘weakly interacting’ utilized by physicists to clarify the character of interactions amongst customary and darkish make any distinction.

9.Darkish/Delicate Make a distinction is Composed of Giant Electrical energy Particles

Darkish subject particles contain supersymmetric objects and particles. In keeping with researchers, these are elevated mass-greater vitality particles that haven’t been detected by our current very low power particle accelerators primarily due to their substantial energies.

Delicate make a distinction (in typical metaphysical theories) is seen as to be manufactured up of extremely energetic particles which often will get seen (as objects) simply after some instruction in meditation or comparable routines. In Hindu metaphysics, we find references to not solely the “anu” (i.e. common bodily particles) however “param-anu” (that are super-actual bodily particles). Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus at UCLA and internationally regarded authority within the space of power space remedy, means that “even historic Hindu literature asserts that the electrical energy physique possesses a much bigger vibration [or frequency] than typical subject-vitality.” Current day ‘seers’ ended up unanimous of their opinion that refined our bodies encompass “as however undiscovered bigger frequency make any distinction and power” and have mass – prolonged previous to any frequent recognition of darkish make a distinction or supersymmetry theories.

10. Darkish/Refined Topic types Webs

In accordance to Britt, scientific research exhibit that each on a regular basis and darkish make any distinction work in live performance to determine a world broad internet of filaments in home, with dense junctions during which galaxies cluster with one another. The following constructions, he claims, appear a factor like spider webs.

In 1904 metaphysicist Annie Besant famous that, “All by means of human antenatal lifetime a one thread weaves a neighborhood, a shimmering web of inconceivable fineness and fragile magnificence, with second meshes. Contained in the meshes of this web site the coarser particles of the our bodies are constructed with one another.” The Chinese language acupuncture map of meridians within the precise physical-etheric total physique additionally resembles a internet of vitality. In keeping with Brennan, the precise physical-etheric system is “like a glowing world broad internet of light beams”. To a clairvoyant, “the etheric total physique consists of a particular framework of traces of strain and sparks of bluish white light switch collectively these traces” she suggests. This internet has been mentioned in way more element within the writer’s report Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider World-wide-web.

11.Dim/Delicate Make a distinction is Difficulty to Gravity

“Because of a brand new investigation by physicists at Caltech and the College of Toronto, we might be anticipating that lumps of darkish subject gravitationally enchantment to one another in simply the precise means that lumps of regular make any distinction (such as you and the Earth, for event) entice each different.” – Science Every day, Oct 2006

“Astral topic [i.e. dark matter] gravitates within the route of the center of the Earth, simply as bodily subject does.” – Charles Leadbeater, Metaphysicist, 1910

In keeping with Brennan ‘aura’ seems to have physique weight. Monroe believes that the ‘Second Physique’ has body weight and is subject to the gravitational drive. (Extra weight is, of examine course, an results of the gravitational drive.) Evidently what was discovered by Science in 2006 was noticed by Leadbeater just about a century in the past and in addition by a number of different experimental metaphysicists.


There is just one explicit inescapable conclusion: The darkish matter and vitality of physicists is the fragile subject and power of metaphysicists. Faster or later qi, prana and kundalini needs to be accounted for by Science under darkish make any distinction and electrical energy – quickly in any case they’re, by definition, darkish make any distinction and power. Additionally it is essential to note that the metaphysical proof strongly signifies that particular individuals can see this dim topic (utilizing the sensory-cognitive packages of their larger electrical energy delicate our bodies) which is ordinarily invisible to most of us.

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