Acupuncture Meridians and the Terrestrial Spider World vast internet

Invisible Filaments and Vortexes in Place

Within the creator’s brief article Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web it was well-known that astronomers have actually detected a “common world-wide-web”. Enormous filaments of heat gasoline tracing the world-wide-web have been “seen”. Astronomers working with NASA’s X-ray satellite tv for pc observatory, Chandra, “thought of” the filaments stretching for tons of of 1000’s of lightweight a few years by way of place, with one passing by means of our have galaxy. Astronomers say that the filamentary buildings are so extremely scorching that it could usually be invisible to optical, infrared, and radio telescopes. These filaments join rotating galaxies and kind circuits with currents flowing by the use of them. Changing into invisible, they’re by definition elements of “darkish make any distinction and energy”. They’ll solely be detected not directly by radiation from make any distinction that condenses round them.

Invisible Filaments and Vortexes within Delicate Our bodies

Simply because the universe generates a internet of filamentary currents (or filaments) that performs a vital facet within the substantial scale framework of the universe, the delicate physique of a human presently being generates a world vast internet of filamentary currents – which has been decided as a world vast internet of (acupuncture) “meridians” by the Chinese language and “nadis” by the Indians. These currents are additional formally found in plasma metaphysics as “Birkeland currents” i.e. currents that sort when charged particles system by the use of magnetic area traces. These meridians are invisible and kind circuits with currents flowing by means of them. Even so, they’ve been detected not directly by radiation from topic that was injected into them. The massive scale framework of the universe, with a internet of filaments punctuated with rotating galaxies, unquestionably bears a robust resemblance to the web of acupuncture meridians or nadis punctuated with rotating chakras (or vortexes) and acupoints that’s discovered within the etheric components of the particular bodily physique.

Earth’s Unexplained Electromagnetic Topic

Blake Levitt, in his reserve, Electromagnetic Fields, notes that the traditional historical past voltage will increase with altitude. Amongst probably the most inexpensive layers of the ionosphere and the Earth’s space, there are about 360,000 volts from the most effective of the Empire Level out Developing to the sidewalks at its basis, there are about 40,000 volts and involving the pinnacle of a six-foot gentleman and the sidewalk, about 200 volts. On the Earth’s space, the voltage is roughly 100. This appears alarming, however in easy truth hardly any shock probably exists because of the truth there’s (seemingly) no current it appears to be simply background voltage and static DC fields. Researchers know fairly minor about this huge reservoir of pure power — the way it capabilities or what governs it. Identical to the pattern of voltage gradients in extra of the biomolecular physique analyzed by Robert Becker, Harold Burr and other people, the pattern of voltage gradients round our world is hard to reveal — centered on present scientific theories.

Probably, similar to us, the Earth has a fragile electromagnetic physique – typically referred to by metaphysicists because the “bodily-etheric” system. It will also be recognized with Earth’s darkish make a distinction halo – as described within the creator’s posting Earth’s Dim Concern Halo. Based on plasma metaphysics, each refined our bodies and Earth’s darkish concern halo consists of a magnetic plasma of great (i.e. supersymmetric) particles.

Earth’s 3d-Double

There are two precise physical-etheric planes and our bodies. The lower (electrical energy) bodily-etheric airplane is an extension of our home universe – it’s not really a unbiased universe. The upper (electrical energy) physical-etheric universe is a unbiased universe – though it has the precise spacetime signature as our residence universe. Because the establish signifies, it’s a bodily universe — and has 3 place dimensions and 1 time dimension similar to its bodily-dense counterpart. Even so, it has an even bigger vitality stage, reversed value and reversed parity (i.e. it’s spatially reversed – staying a “suitable-handed” universe versus our “nonetheless left-handed” universe). Make a distinction and energy particles in our universe are mirrored as (extra massive) strain and make any distinction particles, respectively, within the greater power 3d-Double universe. In different phrases and phrases, Earth’s 3d-Double is sort of a mirror-picture of the particular physical-dense Earth that’s ordinarily seen to us. The spatial partnership involving the 2 ‘Earths’ might be spelled out by way of an analogy: Visualize a decide on the left web page of a e-book and its mirror impression on the suitable internet web page then fold the 2 internet pages in order that they arrive close to to one another. Beneath M Precept, the 3d-Double universe might be labeled as a “3-brane” universe which is “so much lower than a millimeter absent from our family brane.” On this state of affairs, the analogy could be of two flat branes folded above one another and far lower than a millimeter aside.

The Earth’s 3d-Double nearly actually has a “tear-fall” kind (just like the precise physical-dense Earth’s magnetosphere) due to to the photograph voltaic wind from the precise physical-etheric Photo voltaic. It may be considered a world (in its very personal very best) in a bodily 3-brane, which shares the same gravitational business because the physical-dense Earth. Although co-rotating with the bodily-dense Earth, being extra substantial, it possesses a rotational velocity which is significantly slower. Due to this fact, a working day in Earth’s 3d-Double could be slightly extra time than a working day within the precise physical-dense Earth (assuming it’s calculated on the precise geometrical stage on the 2 within the neighborhood of-spheres).

Invisible Filaments and Vortexes on Earth

Shells, electrified sheaths and filamentary currents are signature constructions of magnetic plasma. Filamentary currents are current not solely in place however in our delicate our bodies and in addition inside simply and enveloping each of these the scale back and bigger precise physical-etheric elements of the Earth. These filaments are what have been known as “ley strains”, “dragon strains” or just “vitality strains” that are alluded to in Chinese language Feng-Shui scientific assessments and in different places (for illustration within the observe recognized as “Earth acupuncture”).

The terrestrial Birkeland currents (within the reduce bodily-etheric plane) that circle the Earth are invisible from its space, aside from auroral discharges. These currents originate significantly from Earth they usually stream into the higher polar ambiance and out of it alongside magnetic space strains of the Earth. The currents from room that circulation by the polar places by the use of the auroras carry on into the Earth’s magnetic self-discipline strains to handle the Earth with weak Birkeland currents. These Birkeland currents are the ley traces of the reduce bodily etheric airplane within the metaphysical literature. There are additionally ley traces related with the elevated precise physical-etheric total physique or Earth’s 3d-Double. As spelled out within the creator’s e-book Our Invisible Our bodies, delicate our bodies, which embrace orbs (which proof the nuclei associated with delicate our bodies), trip collectively Birkeland currents by redistributing bills on their our bodies. Ley strains interpenetrate the Earth (like Earth’s magnetic space strains) – they don’t all the time adjust to the contour of the floor of the Earth.

The construction of filaments and vortexes has been characterised fairly normally as a spider’s internet. Indigenous American peoples have referred to the community of currents on Earth because the “Spider Lady’s Web”. Francis Hitching defined ley strains as “the radial threads on a spider’s internet.” Based on Tom Graves, the strains kind the “focal components in a big multilayered cobweb to a point paying homage to a micrograph of nerve cells and their ganglia” and are “the circulation and nervous system of the human physique of Earth.” Some consider Earth as a dwelling staying and like human beings the Earth has meridians (filaments) and chakras (vortexes).

When the ley traces (or filaments) cross they “pinch”, collapsing to form nodes with intense magnetic fields, which give rise to vortexes (or chakras) within our planet as billed tremendous particles (this type of as qi, prana and kundalini) rush in making use of helical or spiral paths. Counting on the best way of spin, vortexes can both soak up or emit electrical energy. Vortexes which emit energy are in all probability those which were found as “holy” or “sacred” web sites by a number of non secular traditions. These web-sites are additionally at instances found as “warps” within the paranormal literature. This isn’t astonishing – simply as practically each single galaxy has a black hole (which warps spacetime) lurking powering it, nearly each Earth chakra has an intense magnetic node which might have an identical penalties.

Ley traces, or leys, hyperlink historical holy websites — simply as cosmic filaments hook up galaxies in room and meridians hyperlink chakras in our refined our bodies. Ley traces are in level Birkeland currents. Birkeland currents counsel electrical powered circuits that adjust to Kirchhoff’s circuit pointers. Chinese language acupuncture sometimes describes the totally different meridians in delicate our bodies as ‘microcosmic orbits’ or circuits. In the identical method that an individual might be healed by Chinese language acupuncture, internet pages on Earth might be healed by “Earth acupuncture” – creating the online web page much more conducive to get incoming power by multiplying and enlarging pathways.


There are networks of Birkeland currents (or webs of filamentary currents) within the delicate our bodies of the universe, the Earth and even our very personal our bodies. These totally different networks are interconnected – just like the circulatory process in our biomolecular our bodies – with substantial arteries connecting to smaller sized arteries and capillaries. And similar to the circulatory technique the neighborhood distributes and transfers energy from an individual level to an additional. This varieties a intricate electrical energy process connecting us to the universe. The currents that give rise to the auroras on Earth originate considerably from the Earth and connect with the Earth as a total whereas the world vast magnetic area. Explicit particular person human energy items are consequently integral components of the common power technique.

“The human power process is like an electrical electrical energy plant that operates in patterned circuits…This vitality course of varieties a microcosm of the widespread vitality designs that function like templates all by way of mom nature and the cosmos, from the galactic and photo voltaic strategies right down to the cell, molecular, and atomic quantities of existence.” – Daniel Reid

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